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Featuring a gorgeous open world, populated with fantasy creatures and real-life players alike, it gave gamers an expansive chunk of real estate to explore for days, months, and years on end.

And once you reached the level cap, you could roll a new kind of character with a different play style to tide yourself over until the next expansion arrived.

Thankfully, that wasn’t the case with Fable II, a delightful action RPG that offers players a bit of nearly everything.

The game weaves an epic story that spans your character’s life from childhood on.

Which RPGs gave us the richest characters, worlds, and stories — experiences we’ll never forget?

IGN got its biggest RPG fans in a room to find out. The main elements we examined: Because the RPG is a particularly diverse and hard-to-define genre, it was important for us to nail down exactly what qualifies as an “RPG.” For the purposes of this list, we defined an RPG as a game that includes: It wasn’t the first MMO, but Ever Quest was the first to bring the genre to widespread popularity and become a household name.

Story and character tend to fall to the wayside here, but you’re too busy wreaking ultra-violence and collecting shiny new things to care.

The four character classes are stocked with skills that are satisfying to use, the environments pulse with color, and playing co-op with friends makes it even more of a chaotic joy to play.

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This is a gameplay loop Torchlight II completely nails.

Unlike The Elder Scrolls, which offers similar character options, Wizardry 8 lets you customize six party members instead of just one.

Titan Quest is often shrugged off as just another Diablo clone.

The MMO genre eventually evolved and branched off in many directions, leaving Ever Quest feeling rooted in the past.

But that doesn’t take away from the memories Ever Quest created, or the impact it had on the industry.

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