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Police have raided homes, parties, and used online dating apps to lure gay men - a common tactic in Egypt - to arrest most of them, their lawyers say.At a Cairo courthouse defendants stood in a cage, holding up newspapers and books to hide their faces to shield themselves from the stigma of homosexuality in Egyptian society.

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Judicial sources do not deny the examinations take place but say they are legally carried out and are not a form of abuse.Ten men have already gone on trial during the recent sweep and received jail sentences from one to six years. 22, at a concert packed with 30,000 people headlined by Mashrou' Leila, a Lebanese alternative rock band whose lead singer is openly gay, a small group of concert goers raised a rainbow flag and, within hours, the image went viral.Almost immediately local media, dominated by state-aligned television personalities, began a campaign against homosexuals, saying they were receiving foreign funding, and hosting callers who compared their threat to Islamic State.Washington denied Egypt .7 million in aid and delayed a further 5 million because it failed to make progress on human rights and democracy, U. It was one of 13 countries to vote last week against a U. resolution condemning the death penalty for having gay sex. It sent a letter last year on behalf of Muslim countries to the secretary-general that led to the exclusion of 22 gay and transgender rights groups from the U. General Assembly's High Level Meeting on Ending Aids.It led a dozen states in boycotting a session in January with the first U. Gay men and rights activists say the LGBT community has been facing an aggressive crackdown since 2013, when President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi as military chief ousted Muslim Brotherhood president Mohamed Mursi.

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