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Faltaban exactamente los ítems que él había robado, y me había devuelto sólo la consola, que ahora no puedo conectar porque no dispone de los cables necesarios.

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Worth noting, you can manually add your releases to new stores (for free), but who is going to keep checking back to see if any new stores are added?It’s a massive process (and headache) to signup as a rights owner (and fill out their catalog spreadsheet). You still have to signup as a Featured Artist on your own with Sound Exchange, but this cuts a lot of the hassle down. * They charge for single UPC or for album UPC. You can’t distribute your album without a UPC – so add on an additional /20 for each release. It’s a completely different model than all the other digital distributors.I spoke with the founder, Philip Kaplan about his service. He is also the founder of the musician meet up site, Fandalism with over 600,000 musicians signed up. They have been recommended by Derek Sivers (founder of CD Baby) and Jeff Price (founder of Tunecore) – who no longer work at the companies. Whether you release 1 song or 1000 songs, it’s still .99 a year.He has been at the company for 8 years and worked alongside founder (and music biz icon) Derek Sivers for many years.This is one of the biggest (and the first) independent digital distributors in the world.

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