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Let them know that you value their voices and abilities to help solve problems.

Encourage them to play active roles in your church.

Whether they're going through the breakup of a romantic relationship, struggling to find a job, dealing with confusion over a decision they must make, or some other problem or crisis, you can share how God has helped you successfully deal with similar circumstances in your own life. Recognize that maturing spiritually is a process that takes time, and that each person is a work in progress.

Don't wait until the college students that you mentor achieve a certain level of spiritual maturity before you celebrate their progress.

Instead, ask what God is already doing in each college student's life, and seek to support the story that God is telling through that person's life rather than trying to guide the person in the direction you personally think he or she should go.

In fact, he avoided crowds, and if a crowd began to grow around him, he would share stories of people who gave their all…Although you do want to encourage them to confess and repent of sin in their lives, you also need to show them that they can't outrun the reach of grace. SEE ALSO: How to Stay Christian in College Keep learning and growing yourself.If a student asks you a question that you can't answer, just admit that you don't know, and try to learn more together.Adults ages 18 to 25 desperately need Christians who care enough about them to mentor them, so their faith will become stronger - not weaker - during that critical time in their lives.If that happens, their lives can go in the direction God hopes they'll go.

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