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The paraphrases of Ecclesiastes i-iii and at least Psalm lxxxviii (E1r-F2v) are by Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey.

Two of the other minor poems are also printed in 12631.3, another edition of STC 12631--Cf. - Actually edited by John Case; printer's name and suggested range of publication date from STCOne and Fiftie Psalmes of David in English metre, wherof .37. Cf The Text of the New Testament of Iesus Christ: Translated Out of the Vulgar Latine by the Papists of the Traiterous Seminarie at Rhemes : with Arguments of Bookes, Chapters, and Annotations, Pretending to Discouer the Corruptions of Diuers Translations, and to Cleare the Controuersies of These ...

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Many scholars believe that the fifty Psalms in Old English that are found in the Paris Psalter represent Alfred's translation.

Aldred added a gloss in Northumbrian to the Lindisfarne Gospels, and a forward saying that it was written and illuminated by Eadfrith, Bishop of Lindisfarne 698-721; that the book was sewn together and physically bound by his successor as Bishop, Ethilwald; and that the metalwork within which it was contained was made by Billfrith the anchorite.

Were made by Thoma Sterneholde: and the rest by others. Authors William Fulke, Gregory Martin, Matthew Parker Contributors John Bill, Adam Islip Publisher Printed for John Bill, 1617 GBFirst portion, 19 Psalms (Ps 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 20, 25, 27, 29, 32, 33, 41, 49, 73, 78, 103, 120, 122, and 138), as Sternhold and Hopkins Psalter, 1548.

Conferred with the hebrewe, and in certeyn places corrected as the text, and sens of the prophete popular version just prior to the translation of the KJV. First English Bible with entire OT translated from Hebrew. Millar Patrick reports that John Daye printed an English Psalter as early as 1559, but that it was never released.

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