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More than six in ten Jews (62%), Muslims (66%), religiously unaffiliated Americans (67%), and Buddhists (68%) agree blacks confront a lot of discrimination.Notably, Hindus are divided, with fewer than half (45%) expressing the view that blacks face a lot of discrimination while roughly as many (46%) disagree.Among religious Americans, white Christians are among the least likely to say gay and lesbian people currently confront a lot of discrimination in the U. of these groups (black Americans, immigrants, or gay and lesbian people) experience a lot of discrimination, 16% believe only one of the three groups experiences a lot of discrimination, and 18% say two of the three groups face a great deal of discrimination.More than four in ten (42%) Americans say all three groups experience a lot of discrimination.Fewer than one-third (32%) of Republicans believe blacks face a lot of discrimination in society, compared to roughly two-thirds (65%) who say they do not.

White women are significantly more likely than white men to say blacks experience a lot of discrimination (54% vs. Americans across the religious spectrum are also largely divided by race in their views on discrimination against blacks.More than six in ten (63%) white young adults (age 18-29) agree blacks face a considerable amount of discrimination, while fewer than half (43%) of white seniors (age 65 or older) agree.A similar gap is evident among whites by education.Roughly six in ten (58%) Americans express support for same-sex marriage today, compared to 53% in 2015, a five-point increase.Same-sex marriage garners majority support among Americans of most racial and ethnic backgrounds, but enduring political divisions persist.

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