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His relations with his Slav neighbours must click here relatively peaceful as two of his daughters are recorded as having married Slav princes.

Nevertheless, the Annalista Saxo records that he was deprived of the dignity in in favour of Lothar [III] Graf von Walbeck after the Slavs destroyed the churches of Brandenburg and Havelberg and relapsed into paganism [1].

The development of the title "Markgraf von Brandenburg" can be traced as follows.

It is unclear how long Albrecht held this appointment, but he continued to use the title "Markgraf" after losing the territory, in line with numerous similar examples in Germany in the middle medieval period.

The Annales Egmundani name " Othelhildis comitissa " as wife of " Theodericus comes quartus [Hollandensium] " but do not give her origin [15].

After against him at Merseburg by Graf Dedo [Wettin], Werner was deprived of his titles [28].It is likely that the Nordmark was around this single frauen von rügen assimilated with Brandenburg, both being ruled by Markgraf Albrecht, although the primary source which confirms that this single frauen von rügen correct has not yet been identified.Brandenburg was ruled by Markgrafen from the Ballenstedt family until see Chapter 3.As noted above, it single frauen von rügen not clear from this passage whether Otto was illegitimate or born from a second marriage of his father.Thietmar names his paternal uncle Liuthar, recording that he attempted to deprive his mother of all her possessions after the death of his brother Siegfried [23].

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