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All we know is that he is liked by a lot of girls, yet he is shy of Violet himself.

Believe it or not, those who you think would be the most sought after are statistically most often the single ones simply because others are too afraid to approach them thinking they won't be accepted.

Before getting linked with Ricky Banks, Alissa Violet was in a relationship with Jake Paul, an American Personality and a You Tube star. They were not only a couple who were sharing a strong bond but also You Tube partners and often used to post amazing videos together. Cpzs After being in a relationship for a year, they separated, and after 4 months of their separation, Violet's dating rumor with Ricky started.

Also, You Tube star brought their breakup drama on social media, letting their fans know what exactly was the reason that caused their split?

The visitor will have the opportunity to admire in the heart of Sorrento an extraordinary collection of pictorial and graphic works carefully selected to illustrate the artwork, complexity, vastness and multiplicity of topics addressed by one of the greatest artists of the last century.Until November 15th Marc Chagall's paintings exhibition entitled "Colors of the Soul" will be held here in Sorrento.The works of the Franco-Belarusian artist are exhibited in the 10 rooms of Villa Fiorentino, the splendid home of the Sorrentine Foundation, Italy.As she is a beautiful model, rumors about her relationship status are often heard but many of her fans are unknown about real facts about her personal life.And the question that always remained, who is Alissa Violet dating currently? It looks like the 21-year-old has a new boyfriend!! Alissa Violet is dating Ricky Bank, a 25-year-old American author after separating with Jake Paul.

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